So Energy - 5 star Trustpilot rating

Save over £250 a year and receive a £40 credit on sign up!

Get a quote and receive a £40 credit on switch
so energy - easy switch with £40 discount

Switch in less than 5 mins and save over £250 a year

Switching your supplier sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. As soon as you’ve registered, we take it from there. You don't need to tell your previous supplier, and you don’t need an engineer to come round. We’re one of the first suppliers to sign up to the Energy Switch Guarantee because we’re passionate about making things easy for our customers. Get a quote for So Energy and earn £40 credit on switch

so energy customer service - 5* Trustpilot rating

A customer service team to be proud of

Hopefully you'll never need to speak to us, but if you do, our UK based customer service team are on hand to help. We're very proud of our customer service team who have helped us achieve a 5* TrustPilot rating. Whether you prefer to call, Tweet, Facebook or email, we’ll work hard to resolve your issue right there and then.

renewable energy sources - easy switch with £40 discount

Our renewable energy sources

We make sure that all the electricity we supply to our customers comes from renewable sources. We've made agreements with electricity generators across Great Britain, and they provide us with Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs) certificates to confirm that all the electricity generated is renewable. Each year, we give these REGOs to Ofgem to show that we're 100% renewable. Get a quote for So Energy and earn £40 credit on switch

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